“A leader in the industry but why she rises above the rest - her integrity.”

-C Michos, MD, FACEP, CT


our mission

The Katz Company EMC, Inc. was formed in July of 2001 with the purpose of providing expert recruitment and consulting services to the Emergency Medicine arena as well as extensive educational opportunities for graduating residents and emergency medicine professionals in general.

The Katz Company’s commitment to Emergency Medicine is absolute, and continues to be evident in the range and quality of the services available. Whether a small community hospital in rural America, or a famous urban teaching center, the full scope of Barb’s knowledge and her services are available to any facility that fulfills the Katz Company’s practice quality-specification requirements. Those clients who are chosen as suitable practice opportunities for the elite Katz Company physician candidates will experience specialized recruitment and consulting assistance with the emphasis on superior knowledge, customer service and long-term relationship development.

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  • Barbara Katz

    Barbara Katz, President of The Katz Company EMC, Inc. brings 30 years of professional recruitment and training experience to her...

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