“A leader in the industry but why she rises above the rest - her integrity.”

-C Michos, MD, FACEP, CT


TEXAS, San Antonio/Austin to $650K!

If location/ lifestyle are primary elements of your job search, this is a unique opportunity in a boutique community hospital.

As a physician you will be working on a wide variety of cases with full specialty back-up, a top notch support staff and scribes in a beautiful ED with all the bells and whistles including full labs and radiology, ultrasound and CT.  Physicians are seeing 1.8 to 2.1 patients per hour on average.  The ED is open to ambulance traffic, and has a full team of hospitalists 24/7, who handle all admissions.

Due to the partnership with the major health care provider in the area, you have full access to their specialists and advanced diagnostics.  The physical plants are stunning and very comfortable for patients and their families as well as the physicians and nurses who work there.

The position is ideal for any bc/rt emergency physician who is looking to move away from acute, inner city trauma. If you are a younger physician and fear a loss of your advanced trauma skills, no worries!  The health care partners make trauma shift exchanges available for any emergency physician who wants them.

Primary care boarded physicians with strong ED experience will also be considered.

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